Timely Mailing Lists

A mailing list is a list of names and address of people who own residential property. Our Mailing Lists include not only the name and address but also the sales date of the property, the mortgage amount (if there is one), lender, FIPS code, and recording date. Any data that our trusted vendors send to us is available to you. You can even request to only pull “female heads of households”.

Why is this important? It is pretty simple. The more you can fine tune your mailing list data to reach your target customer the better. You will reach them more efficiently and you have a higher close rate.

Did you know you can have your order delivered to you automatically 5 days a week with “real” daily data. We don’t accumulate data from the previous week then split it into daily files for you. NO! We have data coming in fresh 5 days a week and we clean and compile that data and make it available for you in the morning Monday through Friday. We know it is important for you to receive timely and accurate data.

You know Homeowners spend more on services that renters so our lists get you to know those people quickly and saving you money on trying to find them. Create the criteria you want and get the data when you need it to grow your business!

We will be happy to answer all of your questions and give you advice to reach your target market for your mailing list. Just give us a call at  1-800-446-LIST (5478).